Flickside’s 10 Most Read Articles of 2016

short movie most read articles

1. Watch: ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ (2014)

Short film He Took His Skin Off For Me explores the idea of a relationship through a couple, one of who is ready to go to an unreasonable extent to testify his love. Ready to literally take his skin off. Which here basically alludes to changing yourself for the other. Now the film does two things. At its very core, He Took His Skin Off For Me questions the worthiness of changing yourself for your other half in a relationship. And how far can you and should you be willing to change your very being, your very self for the other. Is the trade off worth it? That is what the film questions or rather answers. In a rather bold and quirky manner, unlike anything you’ve seen before. (Watch here)


2. Watch: Short film ‘Oppressed Majority’

most read article Oppressed Majority short

This is not a man’s world. It’s a world where women are in charge. Screenwriter, director Eléonore Pourriat’s French short film Oppressed Majority or Majorité Opprimée is a refreshing and nuanced take on gender roles reversal. Here’s a world where women catcall, pee on streets, walk around in bare minimum. Where men are more guarded and dutifully obey their wives. A world where men are the subject of verbal/physical assault. Where women are unsympathetic and indifferent and men sensitive and acquiescent. (Watch here)


3. 11 Trusted Sites to Watch Hindi Films

top articles watch bollywood online

For many, torrents are a go-to haven for films one may have missed on the theatre or otherwise. But if you’re looking for some decently priced and legit resources to watch Hindi films, here are a few sites/apps/platforms you should consider. (Read full article here)


4. An Open Letter to Shahrukh Khan

most read articles shahrukh khan

After watching Fan, I’m rather skeptical of saying I’m your biggest fan. A doting, well-wishing fan, nevertheless! Quotidian, I know but true for whatever it’s worth. It was 1989 when I first fell in love. Your TV show Circus was on air. I was four then. I didn’t know what love meant but I secretly relished getting an eye-full every time you appeared on my Onida set. Deewana, Darr, Baazigar followed. And my fondness only grew. So did my unabashed, unblinking gaze every time I caught the slightest view of you. It wasn’t the dimples. It was never the dimples. (Read full article here)


5. 10 Best Animation Movies of 2016 Ranked

moana movie happy 2016

Most of us relate the word ‘animation’ to colorful, digital imagery of Disney/Pixarmovies. We can, of course, understand the appeal of these glitzy movies. The American studios’ talent in building rich, immaculate visuals is unquestionable. However, animation movies are not just visual entertainment targeted at children. They are not just made to give us didactic, happily-ever-after messages. Animation movies are a distinct art form too. They have the power to deal with adult, serious themes in an easy, naturalistic manner. The aesthetic senses of animation movies aren’t only used for overtly humorous antics. They can equally address morally complex feelings.

2016 has bestowed us with cracking, kid-friendly animation flicks, as well as astoundingly hand-drawn, oft-kilter movies. I have tried my best, in the below list, to name the animation movies, which has alternately made me jump in joy and wallow in deep contemplation. (See full list here)


6. Tête-à-tête: ‘Side A Side B’ Director Sudhish Kamath

Sudhish Kamath most read articles

Film critic and independent filmmaker Sudhish Kamath has subverted stereotypes with his unconventional style of storytelling. After Four-Letter Word (2006), Good Night Good Morning (2010), X – Past is Present (2014), Kamath is all set for his fourth – Side A Side B, a musical that explores the bittersweet heartache of first love. He tells Flickside what went into its making, lessons he has learnt as a filmmaker and more! (Read full interview here)


7. 6 Indie Directors Have Tips for First-Time Filmmakers

most read articles shashant shah

You might be a bundle of anxiety and, understandably so, before you set off to make your first film. 

Here’s some inspiration from the most brilliant and fearless voices in the indie space, for starters. Six indie directors share valuable insights and advice from their experiences for those venturing into filmmaking for the first time. (Read full article here)


8. What is it Like to Meet Actor Ranbir Kapoor?

most read article Ranbir Kapoor

…After the conference concluded, it became difficult to control the crowd. He was swarmed by reporters, photographers and the public. Everyone wanted a picture with the actor. It was a crazy but a happy place. Ranbir Kapoor came across as one of the most humble, grounded actors I’ve met. (Besides, he was the perfect mix of suave and sensitivity). He took every question with sincerity and earnestness. I remember asking him if there was a role or a film that he regretted playing/doing. Here’s what he had to say. (Read full article here)


9. Kannada Cinema: Out of the Shadows and the Road Ahead

kannada cinema sandalwood

If you test someone from up and above the Vindhyas on their knowledge of South Indian cinema, eight out of ten would know of Tamil and Telugu cinema. The remaining two would go for Malayalam cinema. Their knowledge of Kannada cinema would start and end with Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Shankar Nag, provided they’re cine enthusiasts. Kannada cinema stands last among the four big industries of south India, when it comes to popularity. (Read full article here)


10. Behind the Reel: The ‘Real’ Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh actor real life

He looked prim and dapper, noticeable from about twenty feet afar in the crowd. In a shiny, grey blazer, Ranveer looked straight out of a Raymond’s Complete Man ad. His beard and handlebar moustache (the look for his then upcoming film Ram Leela) meticulously covered the not-so-appealing contours of his face. The press conference was to begin in ten minutes. I quickly made my way through the crowd. I was there for a chat with him and director Vikramaditya Motwane for their film Lootera (2013). (Read full article here)


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