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3 Bengali Films Playing At The NY Indian Film Festival 2017

3 Bengali Films Playing At The NY Indian Film Festival 2017

Feluda bengali films New York festival

1. Feluda 50 Years of Ray’s Detective

Director: Sagnik Chatterjee | May 2 

Synopsis: Feluda, a fictional detective, created by legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, has stepped into his 50th year of existence. The film attempts to visualize this 50-year journey, across generations in India & abroad, traversing the literary journey. And to preserve the heritage for future generations to come. This film also unravels the unknown Satyajit Ray as a writer & illustrator. This is first of its kind documentation of a fictional literary character from India.

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2. Bilu – A Demon Within (Bilu Rakkhosh)

Director: Indrasis Acharya | May 3

Bengali film New york Film Festival 2017
Synopsis: The story is a journey of a modern IT executive who has an inclination towards music. Due to the rapid changing scenario of our socio-economic structure along with technology and values, he loses himself into isolation for not fitting himself in this journey. It’s a story of different psychological situations through a man’s mundane daily life and how he loses his soul.

3. Colours of Innocence

Director: Manas Mukul Pal | May 5

bengali films New York festival
Synopsis: Chhotu and Gopal are two brothers of a tender age. Their childhood in their village is disrupted when their father meets with an accident. Circumstances force Gopal to mature rather quickly. He becomes more responsible and starts selling wares to earn a little money for home. Meanwhile, Chhotu comes to learn of the grand Janmastomi (Lord Krishna’s Birthday) feast at the Seth’s house. He is overcome by excitement at the thought of a possible invitation!To ensure that it arrives, Chhotu gives the grandma from the affluent Seth’s house with palmyras. When his brother Gopal discovers this scheme, he is furious: he had plans to sell the palmyra to earn some cash for their mother. The brothers fight over this but Chhotu is still hopeful that they will be invited to the grand feast. He starts counting the hours!

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Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC) organises the New York Indian Film Festival every year. The IAAC is dedicated to promoting artists of Indian origin in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts.

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