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stay ending explained

Stay (2005) Ending Explained

Mark Foster’s Stay (2005) is a mid-budget psychological thriller, a type of film that began…

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The Pianist review

The Pianist (2002) Review: A Memoir Of Unyielding Endurance

 The Pianist (2002), adapted by Ronald Hardwood from the 1950 book of the same name…

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horror movies oscar snubs

10 Horror Movies Snubbed For ‘Best Picture’ Oscar

Only 6 horror films till date have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy…

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how long is saw x

Saw X: 8 Things You Missed

Could the newest Saw film be one of the best ones yet? Remember, chronologically this…

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movies like shutter island

13 Mind-Bending Movies Like Shutter Island

From The Usual Suspects (1995) to Get Out (2017), here are 13 movies like Shutter…

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best books on filmmaking

20 Books Directors Recommend Aspiring Filmmakers In 2023

Are you ready to make a film? From funding to the final product, there’s understandably,…

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