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10 Problems Only A Movie Buff Will Understand

10 Problems Only A Movie Buff Will Understand

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So you’ve been dying to watch this film since you caught the trailer, barely making it through the last week. And it’s finally THE Friday. You wake up, stay out of Facebook and WhatsApp lest someone spoils it for you, ready up and book a cab well in time. And can virtually smell the caramel on your popcorn when BAM, you hit traffic out of nowhere. Yes, we’ve all been there! What ensues is something only a true blue movie buff will understand.


1. You experience mini heart attacks and probably even die a few times, when stuck in a jam on your way to the theatre.

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2. Missing the beginning of a film…

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3. Forget that! It’s criminal to miss new trailers…

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4. Not getting your choice of seat in the theatre!


5. Ringing phones…

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6. People talking in the theatre

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7. People walking around with popcorn and hotdogs and food trays, obstructing your view of the screen. Because they must gorge down at least 4 meals in 2 hours.

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8. Crying babies…

9. When a film you really wanted to work (coz it had your favorite actor/actress), bombs at the box office and fades away with out a trace…!

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10. Cuts and censors. Lest ‘sanskari‘ minds get influenced


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  • Hilarious post. Wanna add a few more such (unendurable) things:

    1) People with a habit of shaking their legs (and the whole row) with them. Or the ones who keep their feet up on the seats.

    2) People who are fond of explaining the plot to others throughout the running time.

    3) The Richie Rich who reserve more seats than actual requirement and don’t show up (leaving no option for our friends but to sit separately).

    4) The ones with irritating (and untimely) laughs.

    5) Those eating burgers and pizzas instead of popcorns.

    6) And obviously the idiots making loud munching sounds.

  • Hahaha… I love this. Here’s one more:

    People doing live twitter review of a movie or spoiling it for us on social media these days…

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