21 Best Hollywood Movies Of 2016, Ranked

best hollywood movies 2016

10) Deadpool

One of the most awaited films of 2016, Ryan Reynolds’s dream project turned out a huge triumph, both for its lead actor and the superhero genre. Deadpool completely revamped the comic book movie-making and delivered kickass entertainment. I bet there are more fans awaiting its sequel than of Avengers: Infinity Wars or Justice League.


9) Jackie

Director Pablo Larraín extracted the best from the Black Swan actress in this excellent Jackie Kennedy biography. It stands tall in the list, primarily because of Natalie Portman’s robust performance, and the technicalities which make it a must watch.


8) Sully

A disaster movie that’s rational and affecting is a rarity. Clint Eastwood’s Sully is arguably the most sincerely directed film of the year that adds substantial weight to ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ story. Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart gave memorable performances and there’s a strong chance that both might get Academy Award nominations for the same.


7) Hacksaw Ridge

Films based on real-life events always strike a chord with moviegoers. Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge was a stirring World War II epic that highlighted the story of unsung hero Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield who saved almost a hundred men in an unnerving battle. Incorporating invigorating themes of love and faith, and a splendid performance from Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge was top notch.


6) American Honey

In contrast to the usual fun-filled road trip films, Andrea Arnold’s American Honey was a stimulating film, rich in character development, built around its characters that intensely resembled the lives of the American women, (especially of its protagonist, played emphatically by Sasha Lane) that summarized their often sad and disturbing lifestyle. An unforgettable, evocative soundtrack and magnificent cinematography lifted the film.


5) Sing Street

This year we’ve seen some great musicals. And Sing Street was a terrific one. Director John Carney, who also gave us Once and Begin Again, delivered another profound, inspirational, coming-of-age film that entertained and enthralled. The immense positivity and irresistible charm of the cast makes it one of the best films of the year.


4) Hell or High Water

hell or high water review

David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water emerged as this year’s biggest surprise. On the lines of No Country for Old Men, the film emphasized substance over style, with roundly-written characters. Actors Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges are in excellent form. Hell or High Water is more about the protagonists’ journeys than complicated storyline and subplots. (Read full review here)


3) Captain America Civil War

This may be the first time since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight that a superhero movie is receiving such a high ranking. Well, it deserves so. Marvel’s much celebrated Civil War was the blockbuster movie of the summer. Russo Brothers excelled in every department in terms of delivering king size entertainment without insulting the intellect of the audience. Continuing from the equally excellent ‘The Winter Soldier’, Russo’s surpassed the gargantuan expectations of the millions of fans across the globe. The airport battle says it all!


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2) Arrival

Making smart sci-fi movies is no cakewalk. The recent Friday release Passengers is a fine example of that. Arrival was not only an intelligent film, but also well made. There is a magical touch in Denis Villeneuve’s films in how he tells his stories. Based on The story of your Life, the film’s thought-provoking plot was strengthened by Amy Adams’s emotionally gripping performance and surreal soundtrack by Johann Johansson. It was one of those rare films where it’s hard to resist a standing ovation. (Arrival: Full review >>)


1) La La Land

Calling it the best film of the year has become a cliche now. Damien Chazelle’s follow up to his previous best Whiplash is a beautiful, hopeful, and an energizing film that encapsulates inspirational themes sugar coated with exhilarating and equally sober jazz music. La La Land also had the most beautiful beginning and ending ever. Let’s see how many Oscars it sweeps in 2017. (La La Land: Full review >>)


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Notable Mentions: Queen of Katwe, The BFG, and Star Wars Rogue One.

Films to look out for in 2017: Daniel Blake, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Love & Friendship, Silence, Fences, Elle, Nocturnal Animals, 20th Century Women, O.J. Made in America.

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By Mayank Nailwal




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