Picnic at Hanging Rock review

Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975): Vanishings In The Outback

A 1970s classic, Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), has become a stylistic manual for an entire generation of filmmakers whose works have long since been influenced by its enigmatic make-up.…


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22 Must Watch Films For Great Cinematography

From Se7en to Blade Runner 2049, we bring you 22 movies with the best cinematography that offer valuable lessons.  A beautiful cinematic experience is one in which visually striking imagery blends in effortlessly with…

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How To Become A Cinematographer: The Ultimate Guide

Filmmaking is a complex and ever-evolving art form. There are many different positions that need to be filled in order to make a movie, and one of the most important is director…

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How Films Use Color to Tell A Story

The introduction of color in motion films in the early 20th century was set to enthrall audiences like never before. While not a new concept — the ancient Egyptians studied the effect…