8 Best Horror Films On Netflix India: Part 3

best horror films netflix india

This article is in continuation to our ‘Best Scary Movies on Netflix series.


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1. The Returned (2013)

Manuel Carbello’s The Returned is set in a post-zombie apocalypse world, where the deadly virus is gradually contained. The infected are given the chance to lead normal lives by taking a injection. This drug known as ‘return protein,’ however, is dangerously running out of stock. Director Carbello efficiently revives some of the stale elements of zombie horror sub-genre. Its atmosphere of dread and panic seems to be a good, low-budget realization of Cuaron’s Children of Men. If you’re done with routine zombie movies, this one might be worth checking out.


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2. Under the Shadow (2016)

best horror films netflix india

Faltering societal values and stressed psyche of female protagonist are the terrifying forces in Farsi language horror Under the Shadow. A folklore creature called ‘Djinn’ is also thrown into the mix. The story takes us to 1988 Iran, a volatile period in Khomeini’s Islamic revolution. Amidst the political upheaval, a mother and her little daughter are stuck in an apartment, plagued by evil spirit. Director Babak Anvari elegantly balances political context with traditional scary stuff. The performances, particularly child actor Avin, are exceptionally good.


3. Gremlins (1984)

best horror films netflix india

A teenager named Billy receives a cute creature, Gizmo as his Christmas present. The father instructs his son in handling the creature, which resembles a cuddly fur ball. Unfortunately, Gizmo is exposed to water and spawns baby gizmos, which definitely aren’t cuddly fur balls. Director Joe Dante perfectly leaps between humor and horror. It takes the sentimental small-town portrayal witnessed in Spielberg or Capra’s films as the central stage for carnage. Some of the 80s critics viewed it as an enjoyable social critique of US government’s fear-mongering.


4. The Tall Man (2012)

best horror films netflix india

Pascal Laugier’s Tall Man is a lot conventional and less bloody feature than the director’s disturbing first film Martyrs. Nevertheless, Laugier designs a wonderful bleak setting and novel, psychological scares for Tall Man. It revolves around a single mother Julia, living in an impoverished small town named Cold Rock in Washington. The town is infamous for numerous child-abduction cases. The local people blame it on urban legend: a mysterious figure called Tall Man. Julia’s life becomes frenzied as her only son goes missing. The frantic search makes her to grapple with the town’s mysteries. The film lacks a dramatic urgency, but fairly unpredictable than an average horror film.






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