10 Best Scary Movies On Netflix India: Part 1

best scary movies netflix india

From classic horror to post-modern ghost stories, old-fashioned spooky thrills to bloodiest-slashers, Netflix is currently streaming some great horror films. As the online streaming service continues to expand its catalog, there’s an exhaustive variety of scary movies to satiate all horror fans. Flickside picks some of the best. Netflix and thrill!


Horror Films On Netflix India: Complete List


1. The Shining (1980)

Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s snow-bound tale of madness and supernatural visions still remains one of the most viscerally disturbing films. Although it deviates a lot from Stephen King’s ghost story, virtuoso Kubrick’s study of isolation and empty space offers an intense movie experience. Jack Nicholson going about crazy with an axe is still the most chilling moment on the big screen.


2. The Invitation (2016)

top scary movies netflix

Set in the plush, remote house in the hills of Los Angeles, The Invitation is cloaked with slow-burning menace. Indie filmmaker Karyn Kusama’s chilling chamber drama revolves around a dinner party. The hipster protagonist isn’t too psyched to meet his ex-girlfriend and party host. Then the mutual friends arrive and a familiar sense of awkwardness remains in the air. Gradually, as the unspoken tragedy is revealed, the narrative lurches into weird territory. The film has the most spine-tingling end shot among recent horror films.


3. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

best scary movies netflix india

Robert Rodriguez’s genre mash-up is a brutal as well as funny horror flick. Written by and co-starring Tarantino, the film opens in a very Tarantino-esque manner. George Clooney and Tarantino play the bank robbing brothers, who on their escape route to Mexican border chill out in a bar called Titty Twister. Here on, it becomes an action-packed gore-fest. As the feasting begins in the bizarre bar, heads are decapitated, limbs torn off alongside a slew of impalements. For gore-fest lovers, this is a must-watch.


4. Hush (2016)

best scary movies netflix india

Mike Flanagan’s Hush has an old horror premise. Masked intruder scaring the hell out of a helpless heroine, residing in a secluded country home. Flanagan ratchets up the tension through his deaf novelist heroine. How can she efficiently play the cat-and-mouse game if she can’t hear? Hush is a good update to the old-school stalker classics. It also smartly plays with genre conventions by unmasking the killer at an earlier point. At 82 minutes, this small-scale film is a concise and wildly entertaining chiller.


5. Psycho (1960)

best scary movies netflix india

Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic work is a ground-breaking horror film of its time. The way Hitchcock promoted Psycho tells a lot about audience’s ceaseless fascination for scary films. With a strict ‘no late admission’ policy, the great director even exerted control on how the viewers should experience his film. As a result, long queues formed outside the theaters, and relentless screams were heard for the famous ‘shower scene.’ Critics unanimously hail it as a landmark in the history of horror genre. The bravura directorial skills of Hitchcock reached its peak in this cinematic shocker.


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