Once Again (2018): Celebration Of Meaningful Storytelling

Once again netflix movie

There’s a certain tremulousness on her lips as her moist eyes her moist eyes burn with an almost invisible intensity.

There’s sensual poetry in her gait; her flowing sari defining, freeing her; she holds back, she moves; her 10 pm calls are life affirming, a little flirtatious, a lot sweet, a bit spicy and never tentative.

She is an all woman, a woman that makes a woman; desire swells in her, awakening her but nothing comes before her pride.

She breathes sensuality, like a boiling cauldron with a lid on, by design. You can feel it in the way her eyes talk.

She wants to fly, and fly she will; her flight will take her to new terrains of a near-faraway place, where you soar and more, only to return to the yet unrequited frontier of love and longing.

She will come home, eventually. Once again!


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It’s a beautiful, sensitive film about mid-life romance, touching an emotive chord with its awkward silences; so much is left unsaid and that’s a part of the allure — restrained and compelling to the core. A celebration of meaningful storytelling, this Netflix original may lack expanse but its journey is inwards.

Class act by the two lead protagonists, sharp direction and sublime music by Talvin Singh.

If you are a Shefali Shah fan, like me, you will know what to do, where to go.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Sanjay Trehan


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