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This is not a man’s world. It’s a world where women are in charge. Welcome to “Oppressed Majority,” or “Majorité Opprimée,” a short film directed by Eléonore Pourriat. Screenwriter and director Pourriat’s French film is a refreshing and nuanced take on gender roles reversal. Here’s a world where women catcall, pee on streets, walk around in bare minimum. Where men are more guarded, where they dutifully obey their wives. Where men are the subject of verbal/physical assault. Where the women are unsympathetic and indifferent and men sensitive and acquiescent.

Oppressed Majority short movie french
Pierre Bénézit in the film “Oppressed Majority” by Éléonore Pourriat

The main focus of the film is to try address how we (both men and women) react or take to physical assault. “Oppressed Majority” sensitizes us to the gravity of violence (in whatever form or degree) and everyday sexism women face. And why it’s not okay to accept it as part of our lives.

The film’s attention to detail is also fascinating. Notice the three women, for instance, casually staring behind a man as he walks past. Or the woman police officer’s comment on her male assistant as she question a male victim of molestation. Or even Pierre’s wife’s rather cold, dismissive reception to his frustration after the assault.

The film carries a relevant message and is a powerful reminder of the times we live in. But Oppressed Majority is also a well-made film that packs in enough punch for its 11-minute run time.

Eléonore originally released the film in French in 2010, online. The response was tepid. But the English-subtitled version released four years later went massively viral. It has done over 12 million views on YouTube.

Watch it here and tell us what you think about the film. How would you react if you woke up one morning in a world like this? Would the world be any different? Would it be as bad? Or worse? Share your thoughts in the comments below. You can also connect with me on facebook or twitter.

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