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2016 Superhero Movies Ranked: ‘Deadpool’ To ‘Suicide Squad’

2016 Superhero Movies Ranked: ‘Deadpool’ To ‘Suicide Squad’

best superhero movies 2016


3. Batman V Superman – Ultimate Edition

superhero movies 2016

Now this is special. Putting aside the tragedy that was the theatrical cut, Ultimate Edition was the true vision of Zack Snyder. The extra thirty minutes of footage that was chopped earlier did wonders to the film as a whole. Every dot that didn’t connect initially synced well as the experience of watching this version was vastly different. It was precisely worth the hype that the three-minute long comic-con trailer created.

We now had a tremendous Lex Luthor and Clark Kent/Superman, given that both of their half-baked stories were shown unabbreviated. The fight between Bat and Supes made more sense since we could now apprehend the reasons behind them going hand-to-hand. If anyone judged the director and the film based on the muddled first cut, it’s of utmost importance that the Ultimate Edition be seen at the earliest.


2. Deadpool

deadpool best superhero movie

There is not much need to explain why Merc-with-a-mouth holds the number two spot. Tim Miller’s Deadpool was genre defining and the most entertaining film we had in a really long time. It not just set loose the quintessential elements of comic book movies but also introduced fresh ideas of delivering comic art and costumed heroes with less solemnity and more jackassery. The potty mouth humor and gory action was refreshing to see. The man in the red suit literally broke the fourth wall, winning our hearts, leaving us buoyed up.


1. Captain America Civil War

best superhero movies 2016

This wasn’t just among the best 2016 superhero movies but also the finest since Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Russo Brothers undisputedly surpassed our gargantuan expectations following their terrific The Winter Soldier as they carried the load with finesse. Considering how far the MCU has come and the dozens of characters or Avengers it encompasses, it was a whole lot of crazy stuff to juggle. But the director duo didn’t fail to impress.

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They successfully carried over the story of Steve Rogers along with formidably introducing Black Panther and Spiderman. Furthermore, the plot had to be kept under wraps for the reason a hundred rumors were surrounding the ending of the film as to whether Captain America will die or not? Now with them helming the culminating chapters aka The Infinity Wars, the wait is hard to resist.

There goes my ranking of the 2016 superhero movies. Which of these are your favourites? Do you agree with my ranking? Let’s talk in the comments below.


By Mayank Nailwal


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