50 Best Resources Filmmakers Can’t Afford To Miss (Used By Film Insiders)

best resources for filmmakers

Filmmakers today have immediate access to an abundance of film related resources via the internet. These blogs, channels and podcasts offer insights and tutorials that have replaced the need to attend film school for many aspiring filmmakers. But with infinite choices available at…


best westerns of all time

15 Greatest Westerns Of All Time

Gaining traction in the era of silent films, the western was the embodiment of American machismo in cinema. It depicted the desolate and harsh landscape of the Old West, populated with cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws. Emerging as a popular film genre, westerns depicted…


shows like Bridgerton

12 Shows Like Bridgerton For Your Next TV Binge

Netflix’s Bridgerton was arguably one of the most popular shows to have come out of 2020. In a time when most of us were stuck at home, Bridgerton transported viewers to the…