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Lyrical Maestro: Best Of Swanand Kirkire – Part 2

Lyrical Maestro: Best Of Swanand Kirkire – Part 2

best of swanand kirkire lyrics

This piece is in continuation to the ‘Best of Swanand Kirkire’ lyrics series Best Lyrics Of Swanand Kirkire – Part 1


7. Pashmina (Fitoor)

‘Pashmina’ which literally translates to ‘soft gold’ packs some of the most elegant lyrics ever written. It beautifully describes the romantic relationship between Noor (Pip) and Firdaus (Estella).

Vehement obsession is expressed with words like:

Pashmina dhaagon ke sang

Koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise

Kaliyon ne badle abhi ye mizaaj

Ehsaas aise kaise

Palkon ne khole abhi naye raaz

Jazbaat aise kaise

The relationship organically evolves into love which cannot be obstructed with distance or class difference.

Shabnam ke do qatre yoon hi Tehel rahe

Shaakhon pe wo moti se khel rahe

Befikr se ik dooje mein khul rahe

Jab hon judaa, khayaalon mein mil rahe

It is in these lines that the musical wordsmith creates a sense of poetry, rich, deeply layered and missing in most Hindi songs today. The words aren’t just strung together to create a song. They belong together and elevate the situation and the mood of the film.


8. Aashiyan (Barfi)

Best of Swanand Kirkire Lyrics

The responsibility of portraying a mute and an autistic couple’s emotions with words lies solely with the lyricist. Swanand takes this challenge and weaves words that make you overlook their disabilities. He paints a charming vignette of the life led by this unusual couple.

Dabe dabe paon se

Aaye haule haule zindagi

Hoton pe kundi chadha ke hum, taale lagake,

Chal gumsum taraane chupke chupke gaayein

The lyrics emphasize lack of sound in the couple’s life. They don’t see this as an impediment. Neither do they feel the need to experience or ‘sense’ life, like everyone else. And that is deftly captured in Swanand’s lyrics:

Na ho chaar deewarein

Phir bhi jharoke khule

Baadlon ke ho parde

Shaakhi har pankha jhale

Barfi and Jhilmil’s life is challenging, to say the least, but it isn’t incomplete in any way. Their love and friendship for each other is their source of contentment. The universe didn’t hand it to them. They created a world of their own. Swanand’s lyrics bring out this organic relationship Barfi and Jhilmil share.


9. Dhak Duk (English Vinglish)

best swanand kirkire lyrics

A mother’s anxiety on leaving her family for a distant land is rendered beautifully by these lyrics. But peel the layers off and you find it is as much about fear of the unknown as affection for her family.

At one point in the song, she is jealous of the fact that her absence might result in being forgotten by the family.

Kabhi dil dhadke,

Baayi aankh phadke

Tuna hume bhool jaaye re

In another stanza, she remembers all the imperfections and vulnerabilities of her family.

Tere taane waane

Choone ke bahane,

Dil ko bada sataye re

Kyun na hame roke,

Ik baar toke

Every Indian family or at least a homemaker/mother can identify with this feeling of constant worry. We ridicule her nervousness and fears. She too understands and knows her fears are unfounded. But a woman’s heart sees no reason in such circumstances. Swanand’s lyrics are a perfect ode to the love and care of a woman who makes a house a home.


10. Manjha (Kai Po Che)

best swanand kirkire lyrics

Kai Po Che is primarily about relationships. Be it the friendship the three protagonists share or the mentor-student relationship between Ishaan and Ali. Manjha underscores the importance of long lasting relationships and the work they need to develop and nurture strong bonds.

Rishte pankhon ko hawa denge

Rishte dard ko dawa denge

Jeet kabhi, haar kabhi

Gham to yaaron honge do pal ke mehman

Rishte dehleezein bhi laanghenge

Rishte lahu bhi to maangenge

Aansu kabhi, moti kabhi

Jaan bhi maange yaaron kar denge kurban

The second stanza is the unmistakable faith our three young boys have in their dreams and ambitions. It is not just hope but an inner voice that drives them to succeed despite every obstacle.

Ruthe khwabon ko mana lenge

Kati patangon ko thamenge

Ha ha hai jazba, ho ho hai jazba

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Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manja

Swanand knows the setting of the song perfectly well and imbues the beauty of Gujarat into the song with the word Manjha (a fine rope that connects the kite to its holder). He manages that perfect balance by keeping the Gujarat reference subtle rather than going all out with Gujarati words.


11. Piyu Bole (Parineeta)

best swanand kirkire lyrics

This song made Swanand Kirkire the nation’s darling. The lyrical structure and the melody are reminiscent of the good old days of Hindi cinema. The song opens with:

Dil ki jo baate hai, baate jo dil ki hai

Dil hi mein rakhna piya

Lab to na kholu main, kholu na lab to par

Such active voice-passive voice lines were the hallmark of 1960s music and is a deliberate nod rather than the lyricist’s laziness.

The simple rhyming of words, playful, innocent romance, and yet the progressive thoughts create the perfect post-independence era. Look at how Swanand conveys Vidya’s character’s ambition through these words.

Sagar se milne ka uska to sapna tha,

Teri hi taraha piya

The heroine isn’t a damsel in distress or portrayed as one. She harbours the same dreams and ambitions as the hero. These are refreshing lyrics in times where we objectify women (Sheila ki Jawani, Munni badnam hui etc).

Swanand keeps it simple and in sync with the film’s message to create an evergreen song. People unfamiliar with the song might believe it belongs in the 60s. The authenticity is mesmerizing.


12. Bawara Mann (Hazaro Khwahishe Aisi)

best of swanand kirkire songs

Bawara Mann is one of those songs that relies heavily on poetry. It sort of reminds me of ‘ek ladki ko dekha‘ wherein the tune is really simple and doesn’t waver much. The entire song relies on words.

The lyrics celebrate various aspects of an unconventional personality. Thoughts like an innocent, naive and wandering heart that harbours dreams beyond reach and yearns for a companion resonate strongly with the listener.

The words stay with you long after the song ends. Bawara Mann grows on you. And your subconscious finds new meaning in the lyrics each time.

Swanand created this song with a childlike enthusiasm in his theater days. The simplicity and innocence of an artists’ early creation is hard to replicate or recreate. Which is what makes this song an eternal, timesless fan favorite. It tugs at the strings of your core.

Best lines:

Bavre se is jahan main bavra ek saath ho

Is sayani bheed main bas haathon mein tera haath ho

Bavri si dhun ho koi bavra ek raag ho

Bavre se pair chahen baavron tarano ke

Bavre se bol pe thirakna

Bavra mann dekhne chala ek sapna



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