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The Jungle Book happy movie
Jungle Book (2016) Review: Spectacularly Revives Kipling’s World

Kipling’s Jungle Book is a work of art and the most recent cinematic adaptation takes…

kapoor and sons 2016 best
Kapoor And Sons (2016) Review: Family Drama Done Right

There’s an understated ease in how the characters play out and the screenplay unfolds. Kapoor…

Mustang movie review
Mustang (2015) Review: A Poignant Tale Of Female Empowerment

French/Turkish filmmaker Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s poignant début Mustang, is about the socially mandated sexualization of…

Hateful Eight review
The Hateful Eight (2016) Review: Devastatingly Brilliant

There are two types of people who dive (whether voluntarily or not) into a Quentin…

Luck By Chance movie
Luck By Chance (2009) Review: A New Director Is Born

Farhan Akhtar is making hay while the sun shines and by george, it’s shining hard…