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Narcos Mexico Review: Diego Luna Makes It A Compelling Watch

Narcos Mexico Review: Diego Luna Makes It A Compelling Watch

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Narcos Mexico. Narcos is dead. Long live Narcos. This time in Mexico in the 1980s!

If you are a Pablo Escobar fan, you may find it difficult to come to terms with the new boss, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, The Thin Man aka Skinny, and his ultra-cool demeanour. You may even commit the grave mistake of aborting the viewing midway and miss out on the explosive action from episode 8 onwards.

Skinny (Diego Luna) has a laid-back style but he seethes with ambition, doesn’t wear his emotion on his sleeve, and brings to the table a certain panache which is understated and reined in by design.


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The story of the formation of Mexico’s biggest drug cartel is riddled with pervasive top governmental corruption and highly compromised police, there’s more than enough looniness in the show but Gallardo is the reason you need to watch it.

It’s such a remarkable performance by an intense actor; at once vulnerable, at once ruthless, at once fragile, at once robust.

If you double cross him, he calls to thank you, ever so civil, and sends you a gift: the severed head of your son in a box!

The series is all set for a riveting season next. Hope Netflix renews it.



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